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Copy Pasta Hotbar

The first desktop utility allowing storage of multiple copied messages
Arming them to be pasted to the computer's global clipboard

*Windows 10 x64 version only


Copy/Pasting, Organized

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Customizeable bank of up to 50 saved messages

90s kid making pog face

Easily add your favorite images or gifs for labels

90s kid making pog face

Configurable, individual global shortcuts

sliding image of all 50 slots image of different fun images being input as icons example of configurable shortcuts

Copy Pasta Hobar Is Perfect For...


Spelling or capitalization errors no more; keep them safe


More perfect than poetry, lines that need to echo to eternity


Have that clip ready when the streamer asks for it, or a troll clip instead


Website links, imgurs, reddit posts, anything important

Pleb Tests

You have to take it everyday anyway

frog ascii


They've actually been around since typewritters


Important people to look up their twitters or instagrams later


Sponsored Messages

please make sure to delete this part when you paste

Code Bits

Your own boilerplates or little tricks you've figured out

Detailed Tutorial

Ready To Start

*Windows 10 x64 version only